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Curious to learn more about our product range? You're in the right spot! Explore our FAQ page, featuring answers to commonly asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. We're here to help!

Plastic Drinkware

Is plastic drinkware actually unbreakable? 

All of our polycarbonate plastic drinkware products are guaranteed to never chip or crack if the product is used for it's core purpose only.

Can you put plastic drinkware in the dishwasher?

Our plastic polycarbonate products are dishwasher safe and recommend you purchase our polycarbonate cleaner as this will help maintain the product longevity.

If using a dishwasher, it must be on a quick cycle and temperature must not exceed 75 degrees.

Does plastic drinkware go cloudy?

No. Our product will not go cloudy. We do recommend that you purchase our polycarbonate cleaner as this will help avoid cloudiness. The main reason why polycarbonate goes cloudy is due to the cleaner being too harsh on the plastic or the product is left to drip dry. If you would like to know how to better look after your plastic drinkware, please give us a call or shoot us an email.

What is your plastic drinkware made from?

Polycarbonate or sometimes referred to as poly or plastic. Polycarbonate is one of the strongest plastic materials available. Most aeroplane windows are made from polycarbonate!

Can I use plastic drinkware around mosquito repellents?

It is not recommended to use plastic drinkware around mosquito repellents containing DEET. The active ingredient DEET, has the potential to react with polycarbonate plastics, which can lead to cosmetic and structural issues with your drinkware. This reaction can cause the plastic to become discoloured, hazy, or even develop cracks over time. To preserve the longevity and aesthetics of your plastic drinkware, we advise checking the ingredients in your mosquito repellent before use.

What should I clean my plastic drinkware with?

We recommend cleaning your products with warm/hot water and dishwashing liquid. Please only use a soft cloth to clean your product as any other cleaning cloth may damage the plastic material causing it to scratch.

Melamine Tableware

What is melamine?

Melamine is a durable and lightweight synthetic material commonly used to make tableware, known for its resistance to breaking, scratching, and chipping.

Can you put melamine in the dishwasher?

To care for melamine tableware, hand wash with mild detergent is recommended and avoid abrasive cleaners to preserve its durability and finish.

If using a dishwasher, it must be on a quick cycle and temperature must not exceed 75 degrees.


How much is shipping?

We provide $9.95 flat rate shipping for all orders within Australia. Orders over $199 receive free shipping.

Can I pick up my order?

Pick up orders are ready within 1 hour and can be picked up during opening hours at 9/604 Pine Ridge Road, Coombabah, QLD, 4216.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes! Shipping does not include duties or taxes. The customer is responsible for paying these fees (if applicable) at time of collection. 

When purchasing items through our website, we have the option to include a parcel delivery insurance as an ‘opt-in’ when proceeding to the cart.

This insurance covers the failure of the delivery to arrive at the nominated address under what is known as an ‘All Risks’ Marine Transit Insurance. In the event that it does not, the optional insurance will replace the item or items purchased or damaged. The insurance will not cash settle, just replace the items or items of similar value. The insurance is not an extended product warranty nor product guarantee.

All-risk policies provide the broadest and most comprehensive coverage available. Rather than only covering certain situations, all-risk coverage will cover all physical loss or damage due to a fortuity which is chance or happenstance unless the cause of loss or damage is expressly excluded from the policy. For full details of the coverage available, please see our Product Disclosure Statement here.


What if my item is damaged when it arrives?

If your product/s are damaged or faulty upon delivery, we will happily provide you with a full replacement. Unfortunately this does happen on occasion (no matter how much bubble wrap we use) but accidents in transit does sometimes happen and that's ok.

What if I change my mind?

In the event you have purchased the wrong product or are unhappy with your purchase, simply contact us within 14 days of receiving our order to arrange the return. We offer a product exchange for the same value or a full refund.

This excludes return on our perishable items such as dried garnishes for the health and safety of our customers.

How do I arrange a return, refund or exchange?

Easy! Simply contact our amazing customer service team within 7 days at or call us on 1800 001 028.